Ascender Cart® Customer Shopping Tools Features

Customer Shopping Tools Features
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Customer Accounts x      
Easy Re-order Previous Purchases        
Email a Friend        
Engraving / Monogramming        
Featured Products        
Gift Registry $25/mo $25/mo    
Gift Wrapping x x    
Guest Checkout        
Image Zoom        
Mini Cart View        
Multiple Images / Views        
One-page Checkout        
Product Reviews x x    
Product Reviews Page with "Add to Cart" x x    
Product Search - Advanced $100/mo $100/mo $100/mo $100/mo
Product Search - Basic        
Products in Multiple Categories x x    
Recommended Products x      
Refer a Friend (patent pending) $25/mo $25/mo $25/mo $25/mo
Up-sell Products x      
Wish List $25/mo $25/mo