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Ascender's ground-up approach to SEO ensures our software is search engine friendly. Comparatively, other shopping carts did not match up and still today attempt to patch their SEO flaws.

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Automatically reduces bounce rates and increase sales with Ascender's patent pending SEO technology.

"Ascender is exceptionally easy to operate and the SEO elements are easy to configure." Ross Dunn - StepForth Search Placement

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Customer Testimonials

"Since I migrated to Ascender, my sales have increased over $100k each year."
Malcolm Uffelman - Estampe Inc.

"Ascender Cart helped me achieve #2 spot on Google for a phrase with over 1,000,000,000 results."
Anthony Oronzi - Solana Surfboards

"Ascender's hands-on support makes getting help easy and fast allowing me to get on my way."
Madeline DeLia - Jasne Jewels

* Results vary based upon the amount of work customers put into their business.