TRUSTe Privacy Seal


TRUSTe Website Privacy Certification requires compliance with the following program requirements. Upon satisfactory certification TRUSTe provides companies with a TRUSTe Privacy Seal as evidence of compliance - certified companies must display this seal on their website privacy policy page and may elect to place the seal on additional webpages as well.

Price: $499/yr

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Key Benefits

  • * Increases shopper confidence
  • * Saves you money
  • * Proves your care about shopper privacy
  • * Compliance with laws and regulations


  • * TRUSTe Verified Seal
  • * Privacy scanning
  • * Dispute resolution program
  • * Privacy policy generator
  • * Update your privacy policy anytime
  • * Automatic notifications to privacy laws and regulations
  • * Automatic renewal
  • * Shows customers you care about their privacy
  • * Saves you from paying a lawyer to help you draft a privacy policy
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