Migrate Your Store to Ascender with Certainty

Others Migrate Your Products Only Ascender Migrates Your SEO and Products

Ascender understands how hard you worked to achieve the search engine positions you’ve already attained. Ascender’s patent pending SEO technology allows you to migrate all of your old URLs, internal links, and inbound links. Therefore, you springboard your online store into an e-commerce solution that truly helps you improve your search engine placements with less work.

Whether you have 100 URLs or 50,000 URLs (even more) Ascender makes it easy to move your online store without falling out of the search results.

Continue your SEO journey without the need to start over.

Price: $900 

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Online Store Migration Package:

Category & Product Migration:

Ascender will migrate up to 1,000 of your products and appropriate categories.

SEO Migration™:

Ascender will migrate up to 1,000 of old URLs into your new store helping you get off to a great start.

Website Template Migration:

Ascender’s programmers will migrate your website template (top, left, bottom) in your new Ascender store.

Test Order:

Ascender will perform a complete order using appropriate gateways to verify proper functionality before you go live.

Product Image Migration:

Ascender will migrate up to 2,000 of your product images.

Category Image Migration:

Ascender will migrate up to 100 of your category images.

Store Configurations:

Ascender will set up your store configurations for shipping, payment gateways, and sales tax.

What you should know:

Once you have purchased the Online Store Migration Package, Ascender will send you a questionnaire to help us complete the migration process. The Online Store Migration Package takes up to seven business days. If you have more products, old URLs, product images, or category images, you may purchase additional time to complete your migration at $100 per hour.